Mark PhilliMarkps is a compelling, energetic entertainer who started on the radio as a teenager at his hometown stations in Fairfield, IA.   His dreams, talent and a lot of luck eventually led him to become the Afternoon Personality on the most listened to country station in America, 99.5 The Wolf KPLX in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  He also has 25 years experience programming radio stations in all formats and all market sizes, including seven years at the helm of KPLX.

Mark is still very passionate about the radio business and that enthusiasm comes across on the air.  COVID-19 has shown us that you can still do a locally focused, fun, show without being inside the radio station.  It’s a new day in the radio business, a time when a radio personality can connect with an audience remotely.   This also offers radio stations the ability to have big market talent at an affordable rate.

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