Remote Voicetracking


How does remote voicetracking work?

One of our most asked questions, there are several ways we can deliver the customized tracks to your station.

  1. Directly into your digital system – Most studio digital systems are designed to be used remotely. Many stations have been doing that since COVID-19 began and air talent started broadcasting from home. This is the preferred and easiest way for you to get the voicetracks imported directly into your station playlist and on the air seamlessly.

2. Delivery by FTP site or email – If your digital operating system does not have remote access, we can also email your customized tracks. This is more time intensive on the station end.

Are you available for weekend shows or for temporary fill ins?

Yes, Mark is available to handle weekend shifts and fill in for talent on vacation. We also try to accommodate last minute emergencies.

Can my station try it out before we commit to it?

Absolutely, Mark is happy to give a free audition before you decide if this is right for you. Our goal is to partner with you to make your station sound better and become part of your team.

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