Welcome To “The Phillips File” – My New Blog

Welcome to my new official blog, “The Phillips File,” as I check off another item on my “want to do” list. I’ve blogged on the 99.5 The Wolf website for several years, but starting my own blog is an adventure I’ve wanted to embark upon for a while.

2020 ended with a thud for me when I was let go after 14 years at 99.5 The Wolf. These are especially challenging times for the radio business and I became the victim of those dreaded “budget cuts.” On the flip side, this also freed me to finally do some of the things I’ve wanted to do but have put off because I didn’t have time. Things like start a blog, build a website, create a podcast, explore the world of video with my own YouTube channel and more.

After a month of being unemployed, my website is finally done, even though I’m still tinkering with it and updating it daily. You’re seeing the very first post of “The Phillips File,” which I plan to write at least once per week. My “Country Stars, Race Cars and Running” podcast will also be launching shortly and then I’ll embark on becoming an expert on creating and editing videos to promote my YouTube channel.

So what about finding a new job? Yes, there’s that little detail which I am also very focused on. The whole job search process can feel overwhelming and is a separate blog for a later time. The good news is, I have a great network that’s reached out and has been very helpful in trying to help me start the next chapter in my career. It’s a good reminder of how important it is to show up every day with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed and the ability to be a team player.

In spite of all the upheaval in my work life, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the blessings I have. Our family is healthy, my wife has been very supportive and has a good job and the extra time I get to spend with our son is priceless. I feel comforted knowing this is all part of God’s plan and that he’s in control.

So there you have it, the first edition of “The Phillips File.” Writing it wasn’t such a huge task after all and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Hopefully, writing a blog is like opening a new jar of pickles. Once you get the first one out, the rest come out a lot easier.

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