There’s Kindness In Today’s Crazy World

Watching the news, it’s easy to get the overwhelming feeling that our country is falling apart. However, after losing my job last month I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness from not only friends and family but also from acquaintances and even total strangers.

This has been so refreshing to know that it still exists in these divided times. What do I mean by the kindness shown? When you apply for a job and people actually get back with you quickly and are empathetic because they’ve been in the same situation themselves. When that acquaintance you didn’t know very well sends you a message asking how you are doing. Or the friend who picks up the phone just to reach out and chat or the former bosses who let you know that they’d be honored to have you use them as a reference. All of these things have happened to me multiple times and it’s done so much to lift my spirits, help me stay positive and to focus on the many blessings I have, instead of stress out about trying to find my next job.

Our nation has never been more divided than we are right now and it’s good to know that even in the midst of anxiety there’s kindness in today’s crazy world. Thanks to everyone who’s reached out and encouraged me in one way or another. You know who you are and I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Life is short! Be kind…..Thanks for reading The Phillips File…..

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